Alvandsoft Cloud

By Reza Alizade

A personal notetaking, cloud storage and file sharing service that you can put it on your own host. Sine it's on your own host, it won't need any registration or authorizations and also uploaded file's URL will be like original file's name! (With some exceptions like replacing #%?& characters with _)

It looks like a personal chat (especially 'Saved Messages' in Telegram) except it needs no installations or phone-based logins and also you can preview or share its files using a simple link.

IMPORTANT: This storage is relied on simplicity more than security, so it's possible that other people guess simple uploaded files' name and download them. If you don't want to share files, you can use more complex file names to prevent this problem.

Alvandsoft Cloud

Download latest stable version of Alvandsoft Cloud

Latest stable version: v0.2-build2 - Latest update: ‎2022-03-04T20:05:38Z

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1. Copy files in public_html or in a subdirectory path that only contains English characters, numbers and underscore

2. Run for first time:

Alvandsoft Cloud Welcome Screen


You can increase upload_max_filesize from PHP configuration to allow large file uploads.

If you forgot your password, you can remove user.php file manually.

You can contribute by sending your feedbacks or making new themes or language supports:)

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